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The influence of W.i.f.i. is felt throughout the entire national fellowship.  Our kingdom work within i.f.i. has impact and vision. We reflect the Titus 2:1-5 woman in every sense of the word and will not settle for a reasonable facsimile of what the Lord is calling for in these last and evil days.  We are girded, prepared, armed and dangerous. W.i.f.i.will focus on the entire woman: spiritual, psychological, physical, economical, social, etc.  We will bring seminars, shopping, teaching, effectual praying and preaching to every place we find ourselves, to make better all those with whom we come in contact. There is great work to be done and we pledge to be part of the solution and never part of the problem.

We have been touched by every negative thing in society and yet we did not fall apart and quit.  We will take our experience, our collective wisdom, our focused drive and make our presence known for the glory of God.

Ladies, the time is far spent and we must be about our Father's business not settle for anything less.

Driven by the Spirit of Excellence,

Dr. Laura
W.i.f.i. Department Leader