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The Workman Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 Workman Award Recipients!

Elizabeth Ann Hampton

Gary Horsey

Sharon Horsey

Bridgette Howard

Magnolia Bandy Madison

Rickey Lynn Redic


Ultimately, God will reward us for our work here on earth as it relates to His Word and will; however, while we're yet here on earth, the bible tells us to esteem one another. To this end, Independents Fellowship International chose to create and present the honorable recognition called "THE WORKMAN AWARDS."

In the day and time in which we live, we find far too many people getting premature recognition for the least and smallest things they do - in a minimal amount of time - while those who seek no earthly recognition, but have earned the right to be highlighted, are totally ignored.

The Workman Award recipients are very carefully and prayerfully selected for their long-term contribution in the areas of family, church & community.

i.f.i. chooses recipients who have labored for decades, most times without peer appreciation, to ensure that entire families and communities of friends have what it takes to achieve lasting spiritual, economical and psychological cohesiveness.  i.f.i. endeavors to help raise the awareness that not only should we do this, but it is altogether right and good.