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Dr. C.E. MeBane, i.f.i. Presiding Bishop

Bishop Carlton E. MeBane II was born in Brooklyn NY as the middle child of Carlton and Ava MeBane. Being a Master Instructor in the martial arts, a frontline leader in the United States Navy, mentor, educator and manager, he has always had the propensity to lead.  

Bishop MeBane came to Christ aboard the USS Sierra in 1989 and has been on fire for the Kingdom ever since.  He served faithfully in a local church in Naples, Italy  where he and his wife became Youth Pastors and he was licensed as a minister of the gospel in 1997.  His travels with the US Navy then took him to New Jersey and later to Millington, TN where he would be molded into the man of God he is today,  serving at Emmanuel Global Ministries under the leadership of  Bishop Roger and Dr. Laura B. Christopher.

He began pastoring in Sicily, Italy in 2003 and later founded Abundant Life Christian Outreach Center in Lexington Park, MD.  Bishop MeBane has been in ministry for over 19 years, is an internationally licensed and ordained pastor and holds an honorary doctorate degree from Northwestern Christian University. 

Bishop MeBane has been married to Sr. Pastor Tamera MeBane for over 25 years and they have two sons, Carlton and Joshua.


Bishop Roger Christopher, Presiding Bishop Emeritus

When it comes to the Word of God, Bishop Christopher is one of God’s unmistakable giants. Studying the word of God does not mean looking over a few scripture just to get a sound-good sermon that will prove someone’s one-sided point. It means that we should patiently & diligently read for understanding, reference with carefulness and thoroughly seek direction from the Holy Spirit.

It would be an understatement to say that he has a deep abiding love for the independent houses of God that are strewn throughout the world, and he takes great pride in bringing together those who love unity.

Bishop Christopher was given a divine directive to establish i.f.i. (Independents Fellowship International), a movement that offers thousands of independent churches and ministers an opportunity to identify with something and celebrate strength & unity among themselves that has not been tapped into until now.

Over the past 35 years Bishop Christopher has taught, trained, nurtured and ordained a vast number of ministers and equipped them to go into the highways and hedges to do the work of the kingdom.

Bishop is ready, willing, and able to be the “tie that binds.”

“I see hope about the size of a man’s hand, and surely that must be the sound of an abundance of rain for Independents Fellowship International."  Bishop Roger Christopher


Rev. Dr. Laura B. Christopher, Adjuntant of Bishops and Organization Ordinances
Together with her husband of 50+ years and 50+ years of personal ministry, Dr. Laura is well able to be a co-founding succourer for i.f.i. 

More than 36 years ago, when she came to a certain area, NO pastor would allow women in the pulpit or even recognize God's call on their lives. But she persevered and continued to preach the life-giving Word of God in spite of the horrid, crushing insults, loneliness, and ostracization.  They soon saw that she had a powerful anointing, a notable teaching ability and extensive scriptural knowledge. 

Because of that, and because of the Lord's heavenly enlightenment, 95% of pastors in that area, along with others across our nation, now either recognize or have women associate ministers on their staff.

There is absolutely no area of ministry in which she has not successfully worked.  “Get a good positional grip and hold on” she said.  Greatness is calling this independent Christian organization and it is headed for glorious success in its mission.  It WILL happen - sooner, rather than later.